How it works
Each time you look up a meaning of the word Exactly will provide you all its meanings along with buttons to save them to your Learning List.
Add words to you learning list
Receive reminders and questions
Use new words in your daily communication
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Why we are special
Personal dictionary
No one has the time to learn the Top 5,000 most popular words in the world. Add words you encounter in your life and be sure Exactly will help you remember them.
works everywhere
Reading an article? Add words with Chrome extension. Chatting with friends? Don't be confused with help from our messaging bots. Exactly works everywhere, whenever you need it. (iPhone and Desktop apps coming soon).
be motivated by your progress
Now you can measure and see how your vocabulary grows and you become fluent. If you recall the meaning correctly, the repetition interval will increase.
forces you to learn words
Exactly sends you reminders multiple times a day. One click and you're done. Less than a minute of your time per day and your vocabulary will grow.
What people say

«You guys are great. Exactly the thing I needed!»

Vijay Mandhani

«Love this app! Using it on a daily basis, and I have to admit that this took over my Anki.»

Farbod Saraf

«it's great to exercise without effort»

María Marchante Fernández
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